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A Dog Sanctuary For Those Without Hope.

A Dog Sanctuary For Those Without Hope. A Dog Sanctuary For Those Without Hope.

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Riggs was my first love. 130lb Airdale/Retriever pound hound.  A boy who never lost the "street" manners, no matter how hard I tried.  Riggs converted me from cat lover to pooch adorer/rescuer and my life has never been the same.  RIP 2000-2012.  



Halsey Hoo – Perhaps a Puggle no one knows, 60lb.  One of my original 5 pooches, no issues  except she has bad breath and likes to hump her brothers. The only dog I've ever has who I allow off leash because she obey's commands. Sleeps on pillow next to my head while she  rests her paw in my hand. I call her Grandma Halsey these days as she is starting to show her age.   RIP 2007-2020



130lb Great Pyranese

Deja's mother was a severely malnourished, wild pooch from Kentucky.  She’ had seizures and bad joints. Deja'  had a bitchy personality and needed a great deal of supervision around the other pooches. I loved her dearly even when she would bring eviscerated rabbits into my living room.  RIP 2006- 2017




 Cooper Too is now 10 years old and continues to be shocked and dismayed that he is no longer the baby of the family. VERY neurotic and follows me around all day being VERY worried.  Cooper came from Southern Indiana Humane Society, he was supposed to be a Bullmastiff but honestly at 70lbs, I've no idea what he is.  He  twice had surgery on his eyelids because the eyelashes were growing inwards (Entropion-a very painful condition if left untreated). I actually used the money I had saved for my own plastic surgery to pay for his surgery. (Vanity-a condition where it is painful to grow old).   RIP 2008-2020  



 Shady Blue Weimaraner/Chow mix, 75 lb

 From a Kentucky shelter, one of my original 5 pooches, lots of issues and allergies as a pup, was a healthy adult and  has CHF as a senior.  Had a  stubborn grumpy Chow personality and the intelligence of a potato but I loved his little, ball obsessed, heart.  RIP 2004 - 2017




Sasha  120lbs was a purebred Newfoundland from St Louis. Her owner no longer wanted her (and her occasionally leaky bladder) and kept her tied her outside. She was so malnourished and weak we had to lift her into my jeep at pick up. She had neuro/back/joint  damage and a few other issues that with rehab and meds became minimal problems. Sasha was always bossing the others about and would squeal on any pooch misbehaving. She was scared of storms and hid inside  the bath tub (the fact that I was taking a bath at the time mattered naught). She was a gentle giant. RIP 2008 - 2017




Moxie Retriever- Collie mix-55lb

Lost and trapped under a structure for several days, almost dead from sepsis when she was found and  needed lots of medical care. As a result she had bad eye infections,  had to have one eye removed, her remaining eye has very limited vision. One of the smallest of  but she is leader of the pack in  hierarchy and decides when others can use the doggy door (BITCH!). 



 Meet Bentley Boo, 100lb Goldendoodle seen here sporting a mohawk.   Bentley is a puppy mill rescue and spent his first 4 months  of his life, during the hot summer, in a cage, inside of a metal shed. Bentley has had to have his eye removed and the remaining eye has only slight vision due to neglect and over breeding. Bentley arrived a bit cautious (his feet had never touched grass) but with lots of love, warmed up once he knew he could trust humans.  Bentley has been on TV several times and has made visits to nursing homes. 




Basil is a German Shephard-Hound 90lb. From Tennessee, born with deformed front leg that had to be amputated. His siblings were all shipped up north but sadly no one wanted him. Being tri-pawed doesn't slow him down. He gets along very well, can run faster than some of the others and only occasionally gets stuck trying to climb on the bed. Basil is the clown of the pack and also a counter surfing, lying, thief. 




Scooby Doo 90lb lab mix from Tennessee, was left in car on hot day and suffered heat stroke and brain damage. He was only about six months old when I adopted  him. He suffered terribly from  seizures, and that despite being on three meds at their highest doses, worsened and he had to be euthanized before he was a year old. A puppy with a head injury is a bit like a bull in a china shop and he systematically destroyed the house.  Didn't stop me from loving him to pieces. RIP 2012 - 2012




Chloe is a Landseer Newfie, 80lb. 

She was tied to tree with two other dogs for three years. When rescued the other two dogs died from starvation &, dehydration and Chloe only weighed 30 lbs. She is now at a healthy 80 lbs and nothing makes my heart sing  like watching her run at full speed across the property.  Chloe is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known and I consider her a gift. 





Treacle is a Golden Retriever-90lb

He was rescued from an Ohio flea market as he was being sold as “breed stock” for $50.  He had a painful, large tumor in his left eye. which I had  surgically removed  the week that I got him. Rarely leaves my side –I call him my velcro dog.  




Doogle and Dooney are brothers and Double Merle Shepherd mixes at 75lbs. Three documented generations of inbreeding caused near blindness. Impaired vision doesn’t slow them down much as they go about chasing each other through the fields.  Both think they are lap dogs and have to sleep in bed with me, while they occasionally have a sibling spat they are rarely more than a few feet away from each other. 







Clive, Landseer Newfie, 160lb

Had severe joint malformation (from inbreeding) and a bad cherry eye that needed surgery as soon as I brought him home. He was rescued from a Ohio puppy mill that was “going to put a bullet in his head”  if he wasn’t  taken that day. Poor Clive was  unable to be on his feet for long periods and had a skin condition requiring weekly baths (which he did not appreciate at all!). One of the sweetest pooches I've ever met. RIP 2010- 2017




Jake is Newfoundland weighing in at about  200lbs. Jake is the dog I didn’t want or need. I agreed to foster him for “two weeks” that turned into 6 months and then I fell in love and made him mine. Spent hours every day over 5 month period  carefully integrating him into the pack but I finally did it!  More food to buy, fur to groom and messes (SLOBBER!) to clean, but I love him to pieces. 





Rugby Newfie mix.-130 lb

 Chained to a tree for 5 years in Ohio, arrived with solid matted coat and psychological damage, attacked his own back legs when he was anxious (that made for an interesting six hour ride home, let me tell you!)  He always felt  more comfortable in the outdoors and would only  come inside once a day for dinner and a little loving. He had a special built dog house to keep him warm through the winter.  RIP  2005 - 2018




Steve , dwarf mutt with deformed leg 60lbs.  I picked up Steve in 2017, from a shelter, while vactioning in Florida.  Steve is est to be about 8 years old and was found wandering in the swamps with bad skin infection.  He is one of the easiest dogs that I've ever cared for. Just a joy to be around and gets along with everyone. 



Flea is believed to be a 7 year old Chihuahua/Rat Terrier (I call her my Rat Terrorist), with seizure disorder. She was surrendered by owner who could no longer care for her. My first tiny pooch who happens to have the the biggest personality. Into absolutely everything and steals chapsticks at every opportunity.  Converted me into small dog lover, so I decided to get three more. 



Lady 20lb sort of mini Beagle. Cutest pooch ever and despite being about 8 years old looks like a puppy with her baggy wrinkled skin. Lady came with Snickers from an eldery woman, who passed away,  Such a sweety, causes no issues and only has the beagle sneeze a few times a day. 



Snickers, 20lb curly coated min dachshund/Cocker Spaniel mix. came with Lady from an eldery woman, who passed away.  Advertised as heart worm positive, missing front teeth, missing large patches of fur and belly covered in tumors, I thought she sounded perfect. Snickers has been with me for 6 months now. She has finished her HW meds and  her short, stubby, rough, patchy  fur is now long and luxurious. So soo very sweet, love her to pieces!



Yoda 20lb elderly Shitzu with a typically Shitzu stuborn personality.  Missing an eye and nearly blind in the remainder, keeps him moving a bit cautiously but certainly not going to stop him from getting exactly what he wants.  Expects to be held in my arms for hours a day, something I love and gladly do. Gets eye drops twice a day to help with dry eye. 



Dazzle was a  mutt, who was in a rescue for a year. Had deformed back legs, a hunched back, no peripheral vision and no one wanted him,  I thought he was perfect. Had a wonderfully quirky personality and went through so much in his short life.  Miss him sooo very much. RIP  2014 -2018



Shandy was down south in a high kill shelter and no one wanted him.  A local rescue brought him up north and still no one wanted a seven year old Jack Russel/Rat Terrier covered in tumors. I thought he sounded perfect and adopted him in Nov 2018.  Twenty-two pounds of nervous energy but oh so very sweet. 



I took in Hazel in Nov 2018 since  thirteen year old Chihuahuas are difficult to place and a rescue couldn't get her adopted out. At a mere 14 lbs Hazel  is my smallest pooch to date. She has a charming personality, a fair amount of spunk  and spends the majority of the day snuggling and trying to avoid being bossed about by Flea.                 RIP 2005-2020


Libby and Tibby

Neglected elderly Pekingese who were left outside for a year.  Skin, teeth issues and Tibby needed his eye removed. They are not house broken (no matter how hard I tried) and they are known as the pair of peeing peeks.  Both oh so very sweet and love to get their cuddle on. 


Libby and Tibby

Neglected elderly Pekingese who were left outside for a year.  Skin, teeth issues and Tibby needed his eye removed. They are not house broken (no matter how hard I tried) and they are known as the pair of peeing peeks.  Both oh so very sweet and love to get their cuddle on. 



14 year old deaf Cocker Spaniel with severe ear infections and seizures from owner surrender.  A go with the flow kind of guy who gets along  with everyone.  Requires lots of care with ears but totally worth it - so very sweet.                                                                                         RIP   2005-2020



NORM! was my very first Hospice  pooch. A  beagle mix who had bladder cancer.  He came to me on lots of meds and dribbling occasionally. This quickly turned into a continuous leak and my attempts to keep a diaper on him were hilariously exhausting. I only got to love on NORM! for about a month until the tumor caused a massive  hemorrhage and I had him euthanized.  NORM! (named after the cheers character ) was such a sweet loving pooch and he stole my heart even though we had such a short time together.  RIP 2009-2020


Ely came into my life after his dad died and mom was placed into a nursing home. If you would have asked me which type of dog I would never want  a mini 15 year old Dauchund, would have been my first answer.  Ely has changed my opinion on Dauchunds, he level of confidence amazes me especially since he only weighs 15 lb

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