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A Dog Sanctuary For Those Without Hope.

A Dog Sanctuary For Those Without Hope. A Dog Sanctuary For Those Without Hope.




Over the last 8 years I have:
 Fixed 43,800 meals,  given 175,200 dog biscuits,  trimmed 14,400 nails,  served 365,000 gallons of water, administered 23,360 doses of medications and 14400 doses of flea/tick repellant, replaced  6 vacuums, 20 bedspreads and 2 couches,  roasted 384 turkeys, painted walls and doors 12 times and gone through a gazillion rolls of paper towels.


​Opened in 2010

  • Specialized in large breed, special need pooches but  because of my age, now starting to adopt smaller elderly ones.
  • Have two living and outside  areas to keep large and small pooches separated.​
  • Spends about $18,000 of own money each year (144K in eight years) 
  • Dog 's medical issues, seizures, eye problems (4 only have one eye and are almost blind), joint issues, skin conditions. 
  • Two of the pooches were abused, neglected chained outside for years, almost died of starvation. 
  • Puppy mill rejects  
  • Once current pack is gone will focus on hospice dogs.
  • Mission is  to  provide a safe haven for dogs with special needs. Providing medical care, physical rehabilitation and emotional healing to support their health and well being. My comfortable dog friendly home in natural surroundings enables the pooches to live out their lives in peace.
  • Dawgs are all loved on and spoiled like they are in private homes.
  • Doggy doors allow pooches to come and go as they like
  • Six fenced in acres allow them to romp, play, hunt, dig and act like dogs. 
  • Bone shaped pond with waterfall (beach access for those with joint issues) 
  • 5ft high look out ramp
  • Ball pit
  • My entire life is dedicated to dogs, no social life, get's to take a one week vacation once a year.
  • Has a face book page Three Wet Dogs Inc
  • Has written two books about pooch adventures 
  • Gives dog bite prevention presentations to children 
  • Decorates her home in shabby chic-early kennel

Why I do what I do...

Why do you do this?   As a child I moved every few years and never felt like I had a real home. After raising children (one special needs child) and being a nurse for 30 years, I thought about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I  made the decision to  do whatever I could to make the world a better place.  I chose to give a forever home to special needs dogs.   

  Do you have help?  I have volunteers who come out about once a month. My facebook friends (who are largely  medical professionals I work with) donate about $5000 a year. 

  Favorite quote?  One of my favorite quotes  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead .  Through this endeavor, I have witnessed the truth in this statement when my peeps come together to help me live out my dream.       


  "Have you lost your mind?"   Yes!  


 How many sleep with you?  Usually  5-6  in my bedroom, 3 on the bed.    One of them is always licking, snoring, barking, howling, I haven't slept through the night in eight years. 

 How much food/snacks do they eat a month?  Between 500 -600lbs  depending on how many large pooches are here.   

 Do I ever adopt out?  No I give undesirable, difficult pooches a forever home.     

Which dog is your favorite?  Whichever one I'm loving on at the time.     

  ​Do you have room for more?  At this time I keep a cap at 16. Although if millionaires want to donate tons of money, I'd happily build on and quit work.    

Favorite moments?  Oh so many...Watching one of the dogs that was chained to tree for years run at full speed across fields makes my heart sing.  When each new pooch looks at me with love and I know that they feel safe and secure with their new home.  The millions of kisses I have received. Entering a room and hearing all the tails wag and hit the floor which sounds like a round of applause.  


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