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New Projects
  (Pay pal available June 21st) As I am just begining my adventure I need donations to help with every aspect of the care of a canine companion. On average it  costs $1,000 per year per pooch to provide food and medical attention. Yes that's right, $14,000 per year to keep my pack, it's a big commitment but with the help of my friends and family I'm going to do it.
Specific items needed are;
Toys -
Stuffed animals
Tennis Balls
 Any type of canned food.
 Paper towels
Nylabones (large size)
Swiffer refills

Don't have paypal? Happy to take personal checks, please mail to;
 Debra Inman
 1948 CR 400 N
 Longview, Il 61852

  Scooby is a 8 month old retriever mix from a Tennessee. He was a healthy fellow until someone left him unattended in a car and then he suffered heat stroke. Scooby has brain damage as a result of this and has seizures that I'm working on to get under control, he is curently on three medications three times  a day and still last week had a seizure every day (breaks your heart to watch). Scooby will be my most challenging pup since the brain damage will require much more training than the other pooches. He has eaten/destroyed/taken outside everything I own that's not nailed down.  I have to summon all of the patience I have to care for him but  he is worth it!  

Update - I had to have Scooby put down just before he turned one, as his seizures were preventing him from having a good quality of life. One of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make.  Thought that I would share my Facebook post with you.    

Even though you were a counter surfer and single handedly destroyed more of my belongings than all of the other pooches put together, I still loved you. Despite that every day you stepped on my toes tripping me up, then bit my hands and butt as you followed me about the house and yard, I still loved you. Although you started long and loud arguments with Shady, never learned any manners, and snored louder than a buzz saw, I still loved you. Even though you were clumsy and walked like a drunken sailor crashing into everything in your path, I still loved you. Despite gulping down gallons of water a day or worse yet knocking over your five gallon water container to play in the water, I still loved you. Although you would insist upon sleeping on the bed, then take your 70lb body and lay on top of my shoulders and pull out my hair with your teeth, then fall off the bed with a loud thump at 3am, I still loved you. You were only on earth for a year but you taught me patience and acceptance. You just couldn't help being you, could you Scooby.    R.I.P. my friend.


  This is Chloe, I wasn't planning on adopting her but when I heard that she was Scooby's best friend and found out about her history I just couldn't say no. Chloe and two other pooches were tied to a tree for years.  Soon after they were removed, as part of a cruelty case, the other two dogs died of starvation/ dehydration. Chloe survived the odds, weighed only 30 lbs and had to be completely shaved because her fur was so severely matted. Her angel foster mom tended to her physical and emotional needs and when I adopted her she was up to 50 lbs. Chloe spends most of the day outside, as this is what she is most comfortable with, but every night she enjoys some alone time with me for a 30 minute belly rub and her favorite two slices of cheese.

Update - one year later Chloe is up to a healthy 90lbs, she is still a bit on the shy side and still spends the majority of the time outside (on her specially made look out platform). Most nights, no matter the weather, she patrols the grounds then comes in first thing in the morning and crashes. I consider her my quiet sunshine and feel so lucky that she came into my life .


Thanks Mom and Dad for being our first donors, extra treats for everyone!   

A huge thanks to my family for helping me through these last 12 challenging months with seven new pooches. I know it's been difficult and I appreciate the many times you watched the puppies, cleaned up the yard, ran errands and drove with me for hours to pick up the new members of my pack. 
 Love ya bunches! 

Grattitude goes to the volunteers that helped me make it though my second year!
My appreciation to Mr. Charles Vaughn from Heath and Vaughn Funeral Home for adding my web site link to his web site. So many people are animal lovers and wish to have their  memorials help our four legged friends. This will give grieving families an easy way to contribute to the care of special needs dogs right in their own community.    

Thanks to Petmeds for their generous donation of pooch supplies!




Riggs E. Roo- R.I.P.
Shady Blue
Deja' Vu
Halsey Hoo
Cooper Too
Moxie Magoo
Bentley Boo
Basil SQ
Chloe Undeaux
Scooby Doo- R.I.P.
Doogle CU
Dooney CU2
Clive Big Shoe
Treacle Taboo
Sasha Squeak Through
Rugby Really I'm Through!

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