Three Wet Dogs Inc.
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Random Thoughts

     June 2012, Doogle and Dooney, ten weeks old, are my newest members of the pack. They came from Ohio after being taken to rescue with four other sick littermates. These two handsome fellas are blind due to several generations of inbreeding. They both have feisty personalities and once acclimated to the lay out of the property, they should get along just fine.
    Update - Well the good news is they are not completely blind, both can see a bit and get along quite fine. They do frequently get themselves in peculiar situations and whine and howl, in a make your ears bleed pitch, when they need rescued.  I'm so glad that I got both boys they are inseparable and rely heavily on each other.  Doogle came down with the puppy strangles a few weeks after I got them. After many trips to the U of I vets (Cha Ching!) we got him mostly back to baseline. His eyes still give him trouble and he will now need eye drops twice a day for the rest of his life. Just in case you are wondering...Yes, it is fun trying to put eye drops in a squirming puppy while his brother is trying to lick them off :)  
Face Book Postings;
Scooby my brain damaged pooch is systematically destroying my home. He has turned into an expert counter surfer and in the past 5 days has ruined/broken/eaten the following; 2 large flower arrangements (ceramic pot and all) clock, dog collar, 3 knickknacks, wooden box, 2 lamp cords, feather duster, pill container and 600 ft. of Christmas ribbon.  I said I would never adopt out any of my pack but I'm willing to reconsider with Scooby, first offer accepted! :) 

Today for the first time,  Chloe (3 yo that was abused and nearly starved) came into the house to seek me out for a tummy rub.  We have finally bonded after three months! 

Dear Three Wet Dog pack, hey! how about if you hack up the marble, sticks and other assorted memorabilia outside, instead of coming in to specifically retch in my living room. Thanks the management. 

Comic relief at my house is watching the old, stubborn, demented, dog try to come in through the dog door at the same time as the  young, impatient, almost blind dog is trying to go out. 

Items my dog has destroyed/eaten week three: clock, toothbrush holder, tissue holder, candle, glove, pet gate, and a pill container with a weeks worth of meds. The Amish have better decorated houses than I do!

Ready for this day to come to a close…At this moment; Old demented Riggs is barking at the wall ( I think he forgot I gave him his "fix" an hour ago), Halsey is humping her brother's head for the 16th time today and Cooper is licking blood off of the bedroom door (no idea where the blood came from-no major altercations today, perhaps Bentley's baby teeth are loose and falling out from all of the vigorous head  humping ? )

Hmmm...When they said they were "mixed breeds" I wonder if they meant part goat?   Items my dogs ate/distroyed this week….the right side of the toilet paper, pot holder, 3 spoons, gift bag, the kitchen drain, the ramote control, handle of the pooper scooper, a gutter drain, drywall, 3 video tapes, egg timer, deorative tassle and a candle. My back yard looks like the fields after Woodstock. 

Often when a person becomes middle aged they start reflecting on the meaning of life and other important topics such as; are there other universes and is there a heaven?   Me, well right now I'm wondering  if dog farts can render you unconscious or perhaps even kill you?

Anyone else have to go outside in their back yard to look for the remote control today? 

Sentences I have used this month….Ok, who's dripping blood?   Stop licking my book.  How many stitches did he need?   Who put the toilet brush in the living room?  Stop licking the baseboards, I just painted them!
A telling moment...went to the St Louis Zoo yesterday and my favorite animal was a Tea Cup Yorkie some lady had in her purse.

It's a good thing I don't have neighbors … at least once a day I yell "Get off of my back, you are NOT going to hump me!"

You know you have a lot of dogs when…you have to vacuum your coffee table.

How are my other pooches dealing with the new pooch you ask.  Old man Riggs gave one loud mournful whine and walked away, Shady is  totally ignoring her, Halsey is being patient and kind as expected, Cooper is very upset and is drooling so much that he looks like he has a foo man chu and Deja' is eyeing Moxey as if she thinks she would be delicious if dipped in gravy.  

One never knows how many electrical cords one has until one gets a  puppy!

My night…
11pm dogs to bed and put cone of shame on Bentley so he won't keep licking incision.
 1120pm Scooby cut his lip removing cone of shame from Bentley, applied pressure & cleaned up blood.
11pm-2am awake every 30 minutes to tell Bentley to stop licking.
 2am someone pooped, wish I could just announce "clean up aisle 5", floor sanitized then back to sleep.  
3am awake and up to break up dog fight and notice someone has
vomited. "clean up aisle 5" still not working, mop out again, then damned if I didn't almost step on a toad walking back to my bedroom, chased toad and crazy dogs around living room, toad placed back outside.
Slept 2 hours then awakened by dogs again.  And I wonder why I don't have much energy during the day!

Often when a person becomes middle aged they start reflecting on the meaning of life and other important topics such as; are there other universes and is there a heaven?   Me, well right now I'm wondering  if dog farts can render you unconscious or perhaps even kill you?

Last night was the first time in 5 months that I was not awakened at some point by; barking, growling, peeing, pooping, vomiting or seizing, someone needing in or out, having my hair pulled, my feet or fingers chewed on, someone trying to sleep on my head, the sounds of; a dog falling off the bed,  chewing the dresser, licking sutures, and eating stolen tennis shoes.  Mmmm sleep is good!

The only thing worse than the smell of a wet dog is TEN wet dogs. Whew!  they are making my eyes water, not enough Freebreeze in this county to cover that up!

This morning I was taking a bath, jacuzzi jets on high, laying back relaxing and when I opened my eyes I had 4 pooches all leaning over the edge drinking the water and eating bubbles. Sometimes it feels less like a bath and more like a soup bowl. 

Bentley, my only unneutered pooch, has begun to mount anything in sight. It doesn't matter if it has a pulse-any of the other dogs or a lifeless stuffed animal, he just goes to town. I am renaming him Sir Humps Alot until he gets snipped. 
Halsey Hoo came from a local shelter 6 years ago, she had been returned after a few weeks with a family (their loss is my gain).  She doesn't have any  special needs but she has the worst breath of them all and spends the entire day plotting to hump Bentley. 

Update - Well there isn't much new to say about Halsey she is still my best behaved pooch and the only one I let out in the front yard off leash. I was hoping that she would have had enough humping of Bentley by now  but apparently she has made it her life's work.
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