Three Wet Dogs Inc.
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                                     Ready for a night on the town, graffiti by Debra (dabbles in the art world), portrait by Lorilee (authentic, talented artist).

Our task must be to free widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
    Albert Einstein

    Clive Big Shoe,the most relaxed (literally and figuratively) pooch here. Clive was born at an Ohio Amish puppy mill in 2011, because he couldn't walk they thought that his mom had "sat on him". Their "we don't take our dogs to the vets" remedy was to tape his back legs together for a few months.  When a friend of mine went to the puppy mill to rescue a few poodles, she was told that if she didn't take Clive he would be getting " a bullet to the head".  Luckily for both Clive and I, my saint friend took him home.  Clive had  big cherry eyes and had surgery on both eyes the first week I brought him home, now it won't be so painful just to blink (can't imagine). Entire body Xrays were taken since he has such a difficult time walking and getting up.  Vet said "he's very liquidy" no hip joints what so ever, femur heads  floating around, shoulder joints messed up  and disarticulate very easily. Vet believes this is the result of inbreeding and not from an injury, surgery is  not a realistic option. I dont know how many years Clive will live but he will be treated like a king while he is with me. (Oh and for your daily smile, try to picture me attempting to load in a 100lb "very liquidy" pooch into the back of my jeep by myself-it wasn't pretty!) 
    Update - After 8 short months here Clive is making remarkable improvements, he has much more stamina, can for walk/stand for much longer periods of time and every once in a while I even see him running with the other pooches for about 20 ft.  Clive has such a relaxed and sweet personality he is truely a gift!
                               Treacle Taboo is a purebred Golden Retriever rescued from a flea market as he was being sold "cheap as breed stock". Due to inbreeding one of Treacle's was very enlarged,  malformed and without sight. A few months after I received Treacle I had his eye removed and now he is much more comfortable.  Treacle has the typical laidback personality of a Golden and is a big lover with sloppy kisses. Although he is generally well behaved he does feel that I do not serve him his breakfast fast enough.  
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