Three Wet Dogs Inc.
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Meet the pooches.

                 Riggs E. Roo is about 13 years old and my first love. Riggs was found roaming the streets and picked up by animal control. He was  reportedly adopted from the Humane Society and returned twice for vagabond behavior before I adopted him. Riggs has bad hips, is almost deaf and is showing signs of dementia.

Update- June 2012, Riggs passed away at home, in my arms, after eating his last supper of his favorite meal- chicken breast.  Rest in peace my four legged friend, you taught me unconditional love, which I am now passing along to others.  Your legacy lives on through  the sanctuary.                                      

Shady Blue is a chow mix from a Kentucky shelter, he has out grown most of his allergies but still requires a special diet. Chows are usually difficult to place due to their stubborn and feisty personalities and Shady certainly lives up to his breed reputation. Shady happens to be the least intellegent pooch I have (yes even Scooby with his head injury had more smarts than Shady) and is completely ball obsessed.

Update - Shady is now allergy free and on regular food-thanks for saving me a few extra bucks Shady Blue.    When Sasha first arrived here Shady gave her a very hard time. Now that Sasha has  stamina and is more comfortable with her surroundings she has turned the tables and takes every oppertunity to pay him back. Not so smart picking on a dog three times your size, was it Shady?


           Cooper Too is now 3 years old and shocked and dismayed that he is no longer the baby of the family. Cooper came from Southern Indiana. He has twice had surgery on his eyelids because the eyelashes were growing inwards (Entropion-a very painful condition if left untreated). I actually used the money I had saved for my own plastic surgery to pay for his surgery. (Vanity-a condition where it is painful to grow old)

Update-Cooper is now 5 years old, feels that he deserves ALL of the attention and  still CANNOT BELIEVE! that he isn't the baby of the family. - How many years will it take for you to figure this out Coop?

Deja Vu' is a Great Pyrenees mix who was flown in from a Kentucky rescue. Her mother was a severely malnourished stray and probably as a result, Deja has seizures, (she is also on medications for bad hips and bladder issues). Deja' is sweet and loving on occasion but most of the times she's as crazed as she appears in this pic.
 Update - Deja' is now 7 years old and pretty healthy, hips slow her down a bit and thankfully she only had about 3 seizures in the past year. Deja' believes that ALL-yes every morsel of food, belongs to her.  She has to enjoy her meals and snacks in the privacy of her own dining area.  She also goes around and takes toys away from the other pooches and hoards them, not that she has any interest in playing with the toys but she just doesn't want the others to have them. Deja' is literally and figuratively a Bitch!
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