Three Wet Dogs Inc.
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Mission - ONE by ONE until there are NONE!

My mission is to provide a safe haven for dogs with special needs. I provide medical care, physical rehabilitation and emotional healing, to support their health and wellbeing.  My comfortable, dog friendly home, in natural surroundings, enables the pooches to live out their lives in peace.

Located on 6 acres in 
Longview Il

Basil SQ was born in Tennessee, his litter mates were all shipped up north for adoption but Basil didn't get to go as he  was deemed unadoptable due to his malformed front leg. Basil had his leg amputated when he was 4 months old and has adapted remarkably well.  He is part Hound so spends the majority of the day lounging about, but when he is awake he runs around and keeps up with the rest of the pack with just a bit of extra effort.
Update - Basil has adopted the role of clown of the pack and his favorite new activity is; to sneak up next to you while you are walking, jump straight up in the air, pirouette and nip your nose, he is definately putting his handicap to good use.


       Meet Moxie Magoo, when Moxie was just 6 weeks old  she was found trapped under a building and was in coma for three days from sepsis and dehydration. This infection caused her to have the removal of one eye and minimal vision in the other. Having poor vision doesn't slow her down a bit, she has a BIG personality.  In fact the chapter in my book about her will be titled "Moxie, the blind dog who could see".
Update-Currently at two years of age  Moxie hasn't figured out she is the smallest pooch in the pack and makes every attempt to show the others she is the boss.

General Information;

While I would love to adopt every dog that needs a home, my space and funds are limited and I am no longer accepting new members for  my pack.
My pooches will live out their lives with me and are not available for adoption.

I am  a non-for-profit private foundation  and all contributions will be utilized to provide care and shelter for my fourteen canine family members

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